Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Even Terrorists Are Editors

I was just doing some daily reading and found this thread on FreeRepublic about the Nick Berg death tape. Some of the commenters had noticed the time stamps on the video. It appears that two separate cameras were used and that footage was compiled out of filmed order!
I have a different copy I think with different time stamps, not only that, but the time stamping does weird things, like at one point, it seems to go from 2:40:40 down to 2:40:10 without skipping a beat, then continues on past 2:40:40. The talking and blather goes on until they throw him to the ground (2:22:42), then the timestamp jumps to 13:45:47, and a different angle (perhaps a different camera?) up to 13:46:33, where it jumps again (apparent an edit here occurs) up to 13:47:46 - 47:52 where they remove the head finally. Then back to 2:46:17 - 2:46:22 (original camera?) where they show off the head. Then back to 13:48:42-49 where they show the head on the body, and pan around the headless neck to show off the blood.
Another poster noted that there's a one minute-thirty seconds gap from the time the blade cuts into Berg's neck until it's severed. That means they took nearly two minutes to behead him!

Gruesome stuff, yes, but compare their brutality to our alleged "brutality" at Abu Ghraib. Our photos were never meant to get outside the Iraqi prison system and military circles. Theirs was sent directly to the Internet. Compare and contrast.

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