Monday, May 10, 2004

The New Blogger

In a word: Ugh. I don't like change generally, as regular readers will know. I'm still using Win98, for heaven's sake! This stuff is pretty clearly "repositioning" Blogger for bringing in newbies. Well, fine. I have the MT blog almost going. See y'all around....

Things are too spread out and over too many screens now. Used to be, everything was right there, all tucked into one window. Now I have to scroll up and down to see most things. I can't view the published post and the "edit" post at the same time to spell- and error-check. Too much wasted white space and I have to jump back and forth between windows.

Too much wasted screen space. Too much monkey motion. Not a good thing. Just more motivation to move to MT.

UPDATE: I've posted a few times now. Still don't like it! I can't see my post immediately, to know if I've made an HTML mistake that's made hash of the blog, like before. I have to click through a lot of screens to see things. When I post, I get shuffled through a lot of fancy pages with fancy graphics to land at a page that tells me to "rebuild." Do I need to? What's up?

Nope, don't like it.

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