Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Case Closed

There has been a resolution of part of the story about Representative Harold Ford, Jr. and his purported attendance at a Reverend Sun Myung Moon event in Washington, DC, back in March.

I got email from the Memphis Flyer's Jackson Baker explaining that he had first contacted Ford right after seeing the original Washington Times article. That was the source of the "categorical denial" information. But the quote never saw print for one reason or another.

Baker says that when he saw the Alternet article, he resurrected the quote and story, since the Alternet article made them relevant again. This time it was published.

And that appears to be that, unless a reporter or photographer at the event can prove otherwise, which is looking doubtful at this point. I've been to the Moon site that had a whole lot of pics from the event and I saw no sign of Ford anywhere.

So, case closed. And thanks to Jackson Baker for responding.

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