Friday, May 28, 2004

Welcome Instapundit Readers

It seems that Glenn picked up my Al Gore's Dean Moment page and an instalanche is underway there. Wonderful! Whether you came from there or from the related Kerry Mockery & Other Political Shenanigans page, welcome to Half-Bakered. Look around, click the links, enjoy yourself.

If you haven't been to the Kerry Mockery page, please go take a look. Lots of funny graphics there, including two new ones just posted this evening. I hope you 'em funny. Please feel free to use them elsewhere, just give me a credit and let me know where they are. I'll give your blog or website a reciprocal shout-out here.

And if you want to help support Half-Bakered (All that Instalanched bandwidth and graphics web hosting ain't cheap!), please hit the PayPal button up on the left and donate whatever you feel like. It's appreciated!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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