Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Media's Class Bias

An interesting post and comment from Nashville's Rev. Donald Sensing about the media's bias toward more affluent readers and viewers. It's part of the never-ending chase for advertising dollars.
The whole article is nothing but lazy journalism, a puff piece for the middle class to read and moan about how bad it has it. Poor Troy Farmer can't rent as many DVDs as he used to - aren't you about to cry? Can't you feel his pain? Aren't high gas prices the awfulest thing you've ever heard about?

What about the people of the lower economic classes, who are hit much higher for higher prices of any consumer commodity than everyone else? Troy Farmer can cut down on Blockbuster to pay for his gas, but what about the cabbie who has nothing much to cut down on to pay for his higher fuel costs?
It's short, so you're advised to Read The Whole Thing.

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