Friday, May 27, 2005


That's State Senator John Ford's bail, according to the radio. Just $20,000; a token. The judge cited his extensive family ties and no previous history of violence. That should be no recorded legal history, as the media is filled with stories of his exploits. He has threatened State Troopers and has pulled guns. Ask MLG&W. The fact that the local police constantly give him the "wink and a nod" when people try to report his hijinks helped him, too.

He has other conditions, like wearing an ankle bracelet. He can only go to work, home and church [cough, cough]. The judge required that Ford pick one house as his main residence. An enterprising citizen-lawyer should see which one he picks and whether or not it is in his district!

He can no longer associate with the people indicted with him. He can't even leave West Tennessee. He can only go to Nashville for his ethics hearings. That means one less Democratic vote now in the Senate.

More later when the news hits the web, or the television. Cause the paper won't have it until Saturday.

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