Sunday, May 22, 2005

Riddle Me This, Liberal Democrats

There's been a bit of a discussion going on in the Memphis blogosphere around the idea of conservative Libertarian me supporting the Republicans. Read at The Flypaper Theory and River City Mud Company. Some liberal Democrat types are utterly flummuxed I could support the Republicans given their reprehensible behavior as a majority. So, here's my question to them: Show me the path by which support for the Democratic Party leads to a libertarian society.

I don't think you can since economic freedom is as abhorrent to you as sexual freedom is to Republicans. But with economic freedom I can obtain a kind of sexual freedom since what I do inside my secure household passes your control. The loss of economic freedom that the Democratic party brings is anathema and death to libertarianism.

"They do it, too!" is not an argument. Yes, the Republicans feed at the public trough as badly as the Democrats do right now, but with a nominal Republican government I can hope to sway them to their roots and thence to the soil of libertarianism. Democratic roots have no economic freedom; the vines of Progressivism, Socialism and Communism wrap too tightly to the trunk.

Answer in comments if you like, give a link to your own blog post, or you can email me directly (email link up at the top) if your answer is too long for Haloscan. I'll publish email responses here as an update, unedited. If for some reason you want your email comment posted anonymously, I'll do that too.

Remember, your goal is not to convince me away from Republicanism, but to the Democratic Party. Good luck.

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