Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Brane Hertz

Welcome to readers coming here from around the blogosphere. If you are looking for the big post on the Tennessee Waltz scandal, just keep scrolling down. There's a handful of update posts in between.

As for me, I've been at this all day. I'm logging off, then going to watch a movie and eat dinner. Then play with the cat a while. I might check back in later before bed, but don't be surprised if I don't.

What an incredible day. I get the sense that Tennessee's political landscape is about to go through broad, fundamental changes. Are more indictments coming? Will Speaker of the House Naifeh be forced to take another look at the wash-water weak "ethics reform" he passed just a month ago? Will the ethical antics of other politicians get closer and more sustained scrutiny? Will Harold Ford, Jr. withdraw from the Tennessee '06 Senate race? Will the septic tank of political corruption that is Memphis be drained, even partially?

See y'all tomorrow!

SIGH I settled in with Team America: World Police (moderately funny, but the panther joke was truly a gutbuster) and then, right around 10PM, gunshots! About two dozen just outside my apartment. I waited a few minutes then stuck my head out. No one; no movement; no other sounds; nothing. Weird.

About five - ten minutes later the cops pull up and the woman who lives at the other end of the building comes out to talk to them with a wild story about being jumped as she pulled in to the parking lot. She claimed two men tried to kidnap her. They fired and she fired back! Then they drove off. Wow. And some of the bullets went through the home next door, where a lot of children live. That mother was very freaked out.

Except that I had my apartment door open. I didn't hear any yelling nor any cars zooming away. Neighbor woman and her boyfriend are part of the drug trade around here, though.

Midtown Memphis. Gotta love it.

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