Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another Question for the Liberal Types

Here's a what if: If Adrian Rogers, the (now-retired) pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church was also the head of a major department of Memphis City government, reporting directly to the mayor and responsible for directing and disbursing large sums of money in the community, would that be a problem? Would there be ethical concerns or concerns about the separation of church and state? Would you be howling bloody murder?

So why isn't there any upset about Keith McGee? He's the Chief Accounting Officer of the City of Memphis, literally a right hand for Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton. He's also the pastor of St. Mark Baptist Church!

That's just one of the many interesting things I've learned this morning at Thaddeus Matthews' blog. If ever someone needed to be blogging, it's this guy. If you listen to Memphis talk radio, especially black talk shows, you've heard him either as a regular caller or guest, or on one of his own shows. He's also the guy behind the Herenton recall effort. (Which will kick back into gear shortly after the start of 2006, by the way, due to the way the law regarding recall is written and interpreted. Keep your eyes here for more.)

Thaddeus Matthews now also has a television show, Friday mornings at 7AM on UPN30. You can read more at his website, Express Yourself.

My only complaint is that Matthews needs an editor bad. His writing is just atrocious: full of variable and intermittent capitalisation, surprise punctuation, and sentence structure from another language. It makes his stuff harder to read than it should be, considering how revealing and informative it is, and will lose him a lot of readers and credibility in the larger blog community. Occasionally, it obscures his point or makes it unclear.

Anyway, Thaddeus just got added to my daily blog reading. If you're a Memphian who wants that backstage view that television and print news doesn't like to give, he should be on yours, too.

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