Thursday, May 19, 2005

From Around the Blogosphere

The Life in Memphis post down below has gotten a lot of readers this week. (Thanks Mark for your post pointing to it.) One of the commenters, EJ of Scenestars, has a post with some observations of his own.

If you have a post with some Memphis thoughts in it leave a link in comments!

Wally is a darn good writer. He's a great read, but best of all he loves a lot of the same music I do. (Royal Court of China, anyone?) Freakin' sweet. In this post he looks at the brazen greed of record companies.
Here’s what the record company is paying me to review this album: nada, zip, nothing, a big fat zero. Sure, not very many people will see the review here, but thousands upon thousands will see it at Blogcritics, plus it’s likely to be out there on the net as long as this present version of society exists. That’s a damn good return on what has to be a minimal investment for the marketing department of Epic Records. A press photo, a couple of Xeroxed copies of blather about the new album, and a CDR with no cover can’t cost much. The watermark is probably the most expensive part. It’s enough to make this unpaid reviewer question what he’s doing. Everybody’s getting fat and rich and I’m helping them for nothing more than what’s likely to be a tepid Oasis set that I can’t even give away as a gift.
He also writes of fantasy bands, and if you're all really nice this weekend, I'll post my own fantasy band page. (It's not what you're likely thinking, either....)

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