Thursday, September 01, 2005

Inside the Disaster

The Interdictor is a New Orleans blog posting from inside the city, near the Superdome. They have the unfiltered and depressing news of what's going on. It's also sometimes uplifting.

But mostly worse than what television is showing you. Lots worse.

Money quote:
He turned the corner onto Canal Street and it looked like a flea market. People breaking into every store, going to the neutral gound (median) and trading and selling everything.

They broke into Winn Dixie Monday Night. Do they steal food? No. Cigarettes and liquor. Store was a mess. All the meats were going to waste so the districts went over there to salvage food for officers. Many cops have been eating MREs.

The Iberville Housing Projects got pissed off because the police started to "shop" after they kicked out looters. Then they started shooting at cops. When the cops left, the looters looted everything. There's probably not a grocery left in this city.

Over 30 officers have quit over the last 3 days. Out of 160 officers in his district maybe 55 or 60 are working. He hasn't seen several since Sunday. HQ is closed, evacuated. No phones to contact them.
The more this goes on, the more it looks like a John Carpenter movie: Escape From New York.

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