Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kingfisher Geyser Mystery Solved

The Enid News and Eagle appears to have solved the mystery of the Oklahoma geysers (more here) thanks to a modern, reader-interactive website:
We got a tip on reader comments yesterday that was very helpful to us in getting the right questions asked. A reader posted a comment that gave the name and location of a Chesapeake rig that had experienced a “gas kick” at about 9,200 feet last week. The reader explained that they lost the drill pipe and circulation. We took his information and further queried some local experts, who gave us some more clues about possibly happened and helped us understand what questions we needed to ask.
Our reporter started making phone calls around 9:30 a.m. to Chesapeake and to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. They weren’t prepared to give us immediate answers. We continued to watch the other news coverage about the Kingfisher geysers, and no other organizations had any different information than what was reported on Monday.
The newspaper opens its web pages to reader interaction. A reader posts a tip and the paper follows up on it. They are ahead of the authorities on the investigation. They get the answer, because the reporter had the right information to do the asking with.

Welcome to modern journalism and web-based, interactive newspapers.

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