Monday, December 12, 2005

Salt Mines and Water Don't Mix

While doing research for the next post, I ran across the story of the Lake Peigneur Disaster.
The five-man night crew had run into some drilling problems during their shift and decided to stay a while until the seven men day crew showed up at 6:00 AM. By 6:30 AM, the drilling rig started to tilt slightly. The crew suspected that the drilling rig was collapsing under their feet. They radioed Texaco's district office in New Iberia about the problem. Both crews decided to abandon the platform and head for shore, which was just 200 to 300 yards away.

The water of Lake Peigneur slowly started to turn, eventually forming a giant whirlpool. A large crater developed in the bottom of the lake. It was like someone pulled the stopper out of the bottom of a giant bathtub.
The funniest part is this line from the end of the story:
The environmental catastrophe that was anticipated at the time of the accident never materialized.
You don't say.

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