Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You Know the Drill

If you're here about the bloggers bash, follow the link for more info and some graphics you can use. Or just scroll down; you might find some interesting reading on the way.

Otherwise, no posting until Wednesday night or, as is more likely these days, Thursday sometime. Wednesday is Busy Day and I'll be away all day.

Heard any good jokes lately? I'm not a joke person; more of a wit, pun or quip sort of guy. You know: japery. However:
A police officer is cruising the streets, doing his rounds, when he sees a guy with twenty ducks in his car. He pulls the guy over and demands, "What are you doing? Take those ducks to the zoo. Right away!" He lets the guy go, with a warning.

The next day, the cop is back on the same street when he sees the guy with the ducks again! He pulls the guy over and says, "Didn't I tell you to take those ducks to the zoo yesterday?"

The guy says, "I did! But today they want to go on a picnic."

Later taters!

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