Friday, March 24, 2006

Fear Not, Faithful Readers

I will be away from the computer for the rest of today and all day tomorrow, so no new posts until Sunday. I've got a few things bookmarked to comment on, plus I'm sure there will be more happening between now and then. So fear not!

In the meantime, go help Operation FedUp Saturday. (I will be elsewhere, or I'd be helping them too.) They will be setting up petition drive tables up and down Poplar all day. Sign a petition, pick up one to take to work or your street, or buy a t-shirt, sign or bumper sticker!

You don't have to want the Mayor out of office to support the recall. You only have to believe that Memphians need a chance to take a sense of the community. This is serious stuff, not undertaken lightly. Join the debate.

Anyway, be good and see ya Sunday!

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