Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That's More Like It

I've noted before that whenever this blog was mentioned in the print editions of the Commercial Appeal or the Flyer that it never translated into site hits. Not that I didn't appreciate the mentions, but they effectively meant little. Even Jackson Baker's back-to-back Annual Best mentions made barely noticeable ripples. I think his 2005 hat-tip turned out to be worth about 50 hits over a week's time.

Not so now! Every since the newly redesigned Flyer website rolled out, I've been seeing a steady flow of visitors. That's because they now have a front-page "Blogs We Like" feature that takes a short excerpt from recent posts in a handful of Mempis blogs in an RSS-like feed. Pretty spiffy. (I'll have more on the site redesigns for both the local papers soon.)

Unfortunately, the post that got the longest play was my look at the Living Wage campaign. The brief excerpt likely fooled more than a few of the lefties over there into thinking it would be a sympathetic look.

Ha ha -- surprise!! But seriously, thanks to the Flyer for the nice compliment and the boost in readership.

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