Friday, March 24, 2006


Proving my point in this previous post, about the West Tennessee Republicans' botching of handling James Hart, Commercial Appeal's Washington Bureau columnist Bart Sullivan continues to hammer them.

Why is the Washington bureau writer so interested in this purely Tennessee-internal matter? Because he gets to write stuff like this:
The Tennessee Republican Party is expected to take steps to deny eugenics advocate James L. Hart from the 8th Congressional District primary ballot on Saturday, setting the stage for a legal showdown. The district includes Millington.

Hart, 62, of Buchanan, Tenn., who won the 8th District primary in 2004 with campaign advocating support for "favored races," plans to attend the Republican Party Executive Board meeting Saturday in Nashville but is not sure whether he'll be allowed to speak.
With one broad and dishonest brush, Sullivan gets to paint Tennessee Republicans as racists and censors at the same time.

Note that there's nothing new being reported here, other than minor details being updated, like meeting times. But I'm sure Sullivan was delighted to get to write this all up -- yet again! -- and tar the Republicans -- yet again!

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