Monday, October 23, 2006

The Tennessee Senate Race is Now Over

Un-frakking-believable. The Senate race is now over. Harold Ford actually calls Bob Corker a dog kicker.

Corker's strategy of needling Ford on his family (which I think, in the context of Tennessee, is a fair thing to do) is finally paying off. Big time.

The race is over, y'all.

The YouTube page is here.

There's also a clip of a Ford / Corker pairing from Sunday night on CNN. Listen for the part where Ford disappears his aunt Ophelia from the family. (Yes, clueless literalists, I know what he meant to say and I'm sure most Tennesseans will here it too. But anyone unfamiliar with the Ford family -- in this case nearly everyone viewing CNN -- will think he has no auntie!) Also watch how he puts words into Corker's mouth -- right in front of you! -- by claiming Corker called Harold Ford Sr and Jr "crooks." Clever, but also the very, very thing he is railing against. Does he think people are this stupid?

(Thanks to commenter "b" on the Pesky Fly blog for the CNN link.)

The race is now over.

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