Friday, October 27, 2006


I just had to post on this, as I was there to witness the event. My gaming buddy, Mark, won an important tournament victory on Wednesday. Here's the story.

I've posted in the past on playing a tabletop wargame called Epic: Armageddon. I'm only a middling player, but it's a lot of fun. Mark, though, has been fine-tuning and tweaking his army list all year so that his Orks (think large, green, ugly and violent) are a formidable force. My Space Marines (the best of the Emperor's best) rarely beat them any more.

His opponent, Greg, is a long time player and is mighty good. I sat on the sidelines -- trying hard to be quiet, not point things out or kibitz -- and just watched the play. It was a really, really hard-fought game. No one made any big mistakes, so it was pure strategy and luck. Just a great game.

Mark's write-up presupposes some knowledge of the game, but he has pictures! And he was the tournament champion, his first major win! He was incredibly pumped after, and deservedly so. Go on over and wish him congrats.

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