Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yep, Definitely Over

The surest sign that Harold Ford Jr has turned the corner to Loserville? The lunatics are using Klan imagery. It's the last refuge of intellectually bankrupt scoundrels who know they've lost and have nothing left.

Nazi Klansmen with (photoshopped) Corker signs? Flaming crosses? KKKorker?

Nothing scares off average middle-class whites faster than crazed partisans screaming inflammatory race iamgery at them.

Yep, it's over.

I had been a bit worried. Look at some of the data in this poll from SurveyUSA. Look at the Corker/Ford poll data, under "Ideology." See "Moderates?" They break out 2 to 1 for Ford. They're the people Ford is desperate to get.

Stuff like the extremism you see at KnoxViews is going to poison that well. It's kinda surprising that the kids over at the Flypaper Theory haven't joined in, but then they've been hacking at Ford, not Corker, for a while now.


INSTANT UPDATE: Ahahahahaha! And just now, this afternoon, the latest Lefty hysteria is upon us: jungle drums! That's right. Supposedly this ad (Warning: MP3 file will load into your browser.) has "jungle drums" playing behind Ford's name, in an attempt to scare listeners with racist innuendo.

Hey, clue-deficient Americans, it's called symphonic film music. Those are tympani, an instrument found in Euro-American orchestras and symphonies. They are employed to heighten drama. You want real "jungle drums?" Listen to the opening theme from Battlestar Galactica.

But you can't convince people who see ghosts in every shadow that every shadow doesn't have a ghost. Oh! Wait. Did I just say ghost, in a post talking about Ford? Was that some deeply subtle, hidden racist comment I buried subliminally?

This is getting ludicrous. It really is. Tennessee's Democratic Left believes it's lost the momentum in the Senate race and so everything is now all-stops-out for them. They are reaching for anything, it seems. Turning standard, bland symphonic music into race-baiting.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Or take the anti-Ford ad that Democrats have called "racist" because a white bimbo mimes holding a cell phone and says, "Call me." to Harold. Someohow, after years of being told by Democrats and leftists that interracial dating is OK, they're suddenly seeing it as a bad thing.

Somehow, the choice of a blonde bimbo has some secret meaning. Well... no. She looks exactly like the kind of women you find at Playboy parties: bottle-blonde with roots showing and too much makeup, a badly stylised idea of what's trendy, hot and sexy. Racist? Not hardly. If anything, it's sexist. She's a modern, empowered young woman unafraid to let a powerful man know that she's attracted. And Democrats are angry at that? Sheesh....

I was right. Ford's been knocked off his stride. His supporters sense it and now they're over-compensating for him. Over-compensating wildly.

Yep. Over.

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"MY KUNG FU IS STRONGER THAN YOURS" UPDATE: Randy Neal, the proprietor of the blog linked above, has apparently noticed the problem and schoolmarmly advises the troops to cool it:
Denounce the negative, disgusting ads, too, but don't get goaded into responding in kind.
"Goaded?" Blog reports show up claiming "jungle drums" and racism and Democrats immediately roll out the Nazis and Klan. No goading; it's a reflex reaction. Or a natural instinct.

It's an admission that Corker is winning. "Don't scare the folks we're trying to woo. Wait until the election's over."

Anyway, in comments further down, Neal writes:
Oh, don't get me wrong. I agree with you 100% on that. They are using the reverse racist ju-jitsu to great effect to innoculate their candidate. And they should be told that forcefully.

The trouble is that when you cross the line into enemy territory, you let them set the rules of engagement. All I'm saying is don't get sucked in.
Yeah, because my kung fu is stronger than his, I guess. His point about sticking to issues is well taken and should be listened to by his legions. Because it was them who first cried wolf.

Some Democrat devised this triple-reverse "nuh-uh!" move a while back: A Republican / Christian / right-winger / traditionalist says or does something. Some easily offended or partisan tool quickly leaps up to cry foul, whatever the merit of the charge. (Remember the "niggardly" flap?) The R/C/r-w/t responds, "Oh please. Am not." And then the Nazi and Klan symbols and photoshops start flying. Then the story is no longer the charge, but the conflict and the charge.

Look at Neal trying to defend the lunatics:
The image of the white woman giggling about Harold and telling him to call me evokes one of the deep-rooted Southern taboos about interracial sex. It used to be a lynching offense for black men.
To paraphrase Freud: Sometimes a bimbo is just a bimbo. As noted above, she was intended to "evoke" a Playboy playmate/party girl -- the subject of the ad.

Notice how he manages to go straight to lynching? Who mentioned that? Why, he did. Just now. He gets to chastise his critics and stir the pot a bit deeper. Sly and revolting at the same time; unless he did it unconsciously and then it just tells you about his frame of mind.

If you want to talk offensive subliminals, I can play that game. Let's go back to Ford's "kick the dog" ad. First of all, whose house is this he's walking through? His? Niiiiiiice. It's the kind of kitchen a whole lot of middle-class folks would like to have.

But notice the woods -- the rich expensive woods -- behind him. Blonde woods. White painted woods. Is he saying, "See? I'm white, too. I'm safe." It's all intended to be reassuring.

Or is it all just me over-reacting, over-reaching, straining? Looking for something that's not there.

When Democrats do this sort of thing, of course it's true and statements by their targets are "denials." But if Republicans do this sort of thing? It's crazy! It's "... using the reverse racist ju-jitsu to great effect...."

Yep, the race is over.

AND NOW, THE CAPPER The Corker campaign has now pointed out that the "jungle drums" music was used in another, prior, ad. This one. So, since the opening "jungle drums" play under an image of Ol' Bob, does that mean the campaign wanted you to think of him as a scary black man?

And, to see the kinds of knots, the kinds of dank, scary places, that Democrats get themselves into read this article looking at Chris Matthews. Here's what Matthews says about a Michael Steele (black Republican running for governor of Maryland) ad:
I love the ads, my wife loves the ads, they're really funny, some of them. And very unthreatening. An African-American guy, it seems, has to run an ad that's so unthreatening that he's almost child-like in his presentation, but it seems to be working.
Still wanna talk modern racism and the Democratic Party?

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