Saturday, January 18, 2003

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi there, you may know me as Half-Bakered, but in the real world my name is Michael Roy Hollihan. Call me Mike, as all my friends do. I'm coming out of anonymity as I relaunch Half-Bakered. Do I still worry about retribution if the Commercial Appeal ever notices my unrelenting criticism of their biased reporting and coverage? Of course, but I'm pretty sure I over-estimated my profile and the chances of that happening.

As I mentioned way down below, I'm working on a personal domain ( where I'll be moving Half-Bakered. I'm still working on the funding and domain host selection, but that's coming along. But since I'm doing that, anonymity made little sense.

If you're curious about me, I have a lot of stuff scattered around the 'Net and in UseNet in my real name. It was a decision I made when I first got on the 'Net back in 1997, to be me and not hide behind a mask of wannabe. Do Google searching under my name and you'll find hours of mirth and amusement.

So, I'm standing proud. I am me and this is what I have to say. Some folks seem to like reading this blog, and that makes me very bashfully honored. I'm never confident of my writing skills, nor my ability to put across my opinions and thoughts persuasively, much less exposing the personal philosophy that animates and delineates this blog. But I've learned to like the taste of foot over the years; this only means I'll have a slightly larger audience next time.

As always, please feel free to send your own ideas and thoughts, or stories and links. I'm fairly good by myself, but we're much better together.

My name is Mike Hollihan and this is my blog.

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