Saturday, January 18, 2003

Gays and Guns

OK, OK. To some of you, "gays and guns" seems an oxymoron, and to others it's a scary thought. In this picture and in this story you'll learn about the Pink Pistols. Nope, they're not a punk rock band. They're a group of gays taking harrassment back to the harrassers in the classic American fashion, taking the idea of self-defense very seriously.

But in the Associated Press coverage is a stark, stark example of media bias.

In March 2002, Miner shot intruder at her home. Miner doesn't know if she was targeted because she and her girlfriend live openly in the Boston suburb of Arlington. But like other members of a burgeoning group called the Pink Pistols, she is challenging the notion that gays and guns don't mix.
What notion? Who ever said "Gays and guns don't mix."? Who's been promoting it?

But there you are. The assumptions and biases of the writer are taken for granted and form the subtext of the story's point of view. The writer assumes you share it, too. Nowhere is there objectivity, but if you challenged the writer I guarantee they'd be shocked at the assertion.

And this from an AP story, which will be picked up and rereun, without change, by papers all over the country.

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