Saturday, January 18, 2003

Protests Fizzle, Media Ooohs and Ahhhs

The major media have been touting the anti-Iraqi war protests around the world today. It's been hyped in that way that says the media support it, but won't do so openly.

And the result? ABC Radio News said, "In the biggest protests since the Vietnam War, tens of thousands (emphasis mine) of protesters...." Anti-Vietnam protests drew much larger crowds, and they weren't hyped and international coordinated as this one was. And CNN has some pictures that show very sparse "crowds." Seems a fizzle.

But the media will still hype the hell out of it. They seem to have refound their anti-war footing, and regained their nerve.

Also, read Instapundit to read more about the organizers of the protest--ANSWER. They are being blandly promoted as some anti-war group, but are in fact a Stalinist, anti-America bunch. True wolves in the clothes of bleating, liberal sheep.

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