Saturday, March 29, 2003

Cut 'Em Off At The Paycheck

I haven't seen anyone else comment on this blog-wise, but it seems that the "living wage" movement has been cut off before it could even gain much headway. Not that it's even mentioned in this story in the Commercial Appeal, via the Associated Press.

The author pitches the story as a minimum wage ceiling limit, forcing cities to keep their minimum wages at or below the State minimum, and a "pro business" move. That it is, as "living wages" often raise minimum wages by up to four or five dollars. Unsurprisingly, the Tennessee Municipal League is supporting this move.

The legislation still has to go through the House, so supporters of a "living wage" still have time. Not much, though.

It's fascinating that the whole issue of "living wages" can be so studiously avoided in the article, when avoiding them is the point of the legislation. It makes you wonder....

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