Saturday, March 29, 2003

OK, She's A City School Graduate

Linda Moore writes the "Coffee Break" column for the Commercial Appeal, in the Money & Business section. It's a catch-all column for items too brief to be covered in a full story, or items cribbed from other sources.

This past Friday, under the title "West Memphis payday," she actually wrote the following:
Taxes aren't the only way cities get money.

The Delta Regional Authority presented West Memphis a check for $149,794, the first allocation of a $250,000 grant to the city....
Delta Regional Authority "is a federal-state partnership serving a 240-county/parish area in an eight-state region...." In other words, a government program. Subsidised by Federal taxes.

It's frightening to think that a business reporter doesn't have the most basic understanding of what Federal agencies are and where their money comes from. What does she think Federal money is?

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