Friday, March 28, 2003

Sigh...Memphis Rides Again

Lashundra Cobbins, now known to millions of American Idol fans as Trenyce, is a Memphian. Her mom has been on local television, as have some friends. Lots of folks around here are pulling for her -- home girl makes good and all that.

Those who have watched the show may remember that Frenchy, the New Yorker with the auditorium-filling voice and the plus-size figure, was booted off when it was found she had done some nude modelling for an online porn site. Seems that not disclosing your porn activities isn't good for an American idol, though magazines like Celebrity Skin make a good living in proving that false.

But felony theft? That's another matter, and apparently that's OK with the American Idol producers. Apparently, she disclosed it to the producers beforehand.

But now Memphis is stuck with a black eye, so to speak. Seems our representative to the world has a criminal past. Though in the rap world this would be a plus, for most Memphians it's just another confirmation of how far we've fallen and what we'll accept in our quest to be "world class."


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