Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Aaand We're Back

So here I am again. Like Phoenix, risen again from the ashes. Yeah, I'm back in the fray. But don't sneeze too hard or I might bug out again. I like the idea of blogging, and the writing outlet, but I'm a loner by nature and shy, given to withholding my thoughts in public, so I tend to lapse in keeping up with these things. As a therapist once told me, I'm the worst kind of depressive to treat, because my impulse is always to disconnect and withdraw. Plus, I'm in a process of unbecoming, of turning into a different person, and wanting to blast my opinions at others is somewhat less appealing now than before.

Not only that, but the Rocky Top Brigade [Yo Bubba! Can I come off inactive status now?] has grown so large that it has attracted a few wingnuts, as anything successful will sooner or later. We were blessed for quite a while there though, weren't we? I don't see blogging and discussion as a full-time, full-contact, no-holds-barred sport like some of the wingnuts do, especially the political types. It hasn't encouraged me to come back to this.

But the voice inside me must speak, and I've always been humbly honored that some out there seem to want to read what I have to say. Y'all gonna make me all big-headed if y'all ain't careful.

No guarantees on output or regularity, OK? I'm also going to take some action I've been planning for a while, namely to alter the content of the blog yet again by widening the topics of discourse into the personal, the daily minutiae, the oddities of interest, the things I run across or do that I want to share. You get the idea. I'll plan to fold this blog off blogspot and into my domain -- Mr. Mike's Rumpus Room O' Science -- changing the name to match. I'll get around to this eventually, and give notice before I make The Big Move.

Don't worry, I'll still do lots of political and sociocultural posting, as that's something I find endlessly fascinating. But don't be surprised if I let comments or a good fight, er... discussion pass me by. Ain't too interested in that any more. It's part of the "unbecoming" I wrote about up above and something I'll blog about some time later.

So, good to see ya again! Stop back in any ol' time.

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