Saturday, September 06, 2003

News Fast

During the "process of unbecoming" I've mentioned before, and which I'll explain one day, I went on a "news fast," though I didn't consciously name it that. I simply stopped watching television news, reading papers and only skimmed the Internet news sites I frequent. It made a world of difference to my temperament.

The following explains it better than I could, so here you go:
Tip: Mental Clarity: Taking a News Fast

Been feeling stressed out after watching or reading the news lately? A "news fast" - avoiding news on the television, newspaper or the Internet for a few days or even a week - may be in order. It is a good way to gauge how you react to and process news, and how the news affects you. If a news fast seems outlandish, consider the following:

* Both local and national network news have increased their emphasis on crime, even as U.S. crime rates continue to decline. This is particularly true of local news.

* Studies show that violence, death and other negative images can provoke changes in mood and aggravate anxiety, sadness and depression.

* Feelings of depression and sadness can lead to a negative view of your own life. Perceiving the world as violent, unsafe and hostile can have negative effects on your body, as well. By taking a news fast, you can develop a more conscious relationship with the media - and promote greater mental calm within yourself. When you spend more time in harmonious mental states, your body will function better, and anxiety and overstimulation may be minimized.
The above came from Wil Wheaton Dot Net, the official website of the actor best known for the Stephen King movie Stand By Me and for playing Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." It's an amazing website, and one I heartily recommend.

Wil handcodes the website himself and posts on a regular basis. He writes (quite well!) on issues like handling his famous past, his struggles as an actor today, the evil perfidies of the studios, being married and raising stepchildren, tech issues and daily life in the world. He's quite a decent young man.

Go check it out!

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