Thursday, September 04, 2003

Midtown Books

This is just a bit of plugola for a neighborhood used bookstore. Midtown Books used to be Bonnie's Books when it opened last year. It was named for the owner's dog, an ugly black pug who was really friendly. She'd check out everyone who came through the door, then you could hear the constant click, click, clikc of her nails as she patrolled the store.

The former owner did a great job of running the place, helped out by the eclectic reading tastes of her Midtown customers. The selection is always great; I can find a couple or three books to buy nearly every time I go in there. She's been able to avoid being dominated by the usual sci-fi and romance readers who recycle their used paperbacks religiously and dump massive amounts of unsellable crap on unsuspecting stores. Instead, you'll find lots of "serious lit," classics, politics and history, and plenty of lesser categories. They even have a large section of architectural and urban planning books! Go figure.

Anyway, she sold for reasons unknown to a former work colleague of mine, Hugh, and his wife. They've been running it for a few weeks now, making only minor changes. Biggest has been a push to make the coffee shop part of the store, *Sip, more successful. They've also continued renting space to an artist's co-op who market local art.

It's a great store. If you're in the Overton Square area, give 'em a visit. It'll be worth it, I can almost guarantee.

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