Sunday, May 30, 2004

Sorry Janet

In comments below to the post about the Al Gore's Dean Moment page, Janet Dagley-Dagley urged me to read Al Gore's PAC speech and address it.

Well, I tried. It's so full of dishonesty and mis-remembering I found myself skimming it by the halfway point. I found a couple of moments where Gore tried straight-faced to shame the Bush administration and I asked myself if he remembered the president he served under and the long stream of moral and ethic lapses then. It was also full of the mischaracterisations that permeate the media's narrative of the post-911 years.

I gave up. Sorry, Janet. If you want refutations and criticisms, then try here and here and here. Oh, and here too. I don't have the time for this.

Gore is drifting more and more to the screaming Left and as he does so he is losing rapidly whatever credibility he once had. He's become a spent force who can only cater to folks more interested in hysterical theatrics than rational debate.

I read you impressions from the speech and what struck me is your observation that a lot of folks couldn't hear what Gore was saying, but were enthusiastic nonetheless. That tells me it wasn't stirring rhetoric that was appealling, but simple emotionalism.

Make of this what you will, like the Moveon crowd did last week with Gore.

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