Tuesday, June 29, 2004

911 Calls From Hell

Over at the Nashville Files blog, Blake reprints the transcript of a 911 call from a woman who can't defend herself and her children from an armed intruder.

The message is clear, but let me add that we as a culture need to get back to teaching self-reliance, self-protection and preparedness. We should also reinforce healthy skepticism and wariness, even though it might damage a consumer culture built on feelings of inadequacy, impulse and helplessness. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, schools, churches, etc., should be working to raise strong, smart women who aren't inclined to bad choices and who can take care of themselves in a pinch. Anything less is asking for trouble.

No woman should find herself where this poor woman did. Those who do should know how to take care of themselves -- and their attacker.

We should live in a world where, as the song says, "A girl in trouble is a temporary thing."

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