Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Eagles of Death Metal

Happened to land on the Conan O'Brian Show last night just in time to hear him say something about death metal. What? I thought. That would be a sight to see.

Turns out it was some goofy three piece (supplemented by a pair of swinging back-up singers) called The Eagles of Death Metal. But man, could they rock out! Two guitars with a sharp, hard sound. One really killer drummer who stayed just a fraction of a second ahead of the beat as he slammed his kit, which kept the music driving along. The lead singer looked like a cross between some wannabe biker ladies man and the geek with a mullet who stands in front of the mirror in his bedroom practicing all his cool, killer moves. One of the back-up chicks was wearing an enormous black handle-bar mustache, which is apparently some kind of in-joke.

Really strange presentation, but kick-ass music. Sharp, simple, hooky songwriting. I may have to buy their album, when I have money again. Go check them out.

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