Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

Man, when it rains it pours! I tripped over a whole new patch of blogs recently. Let's review:

1. South End Grounds I believe I've mentioned before. He's Matthew White, who works for the Republicans on Capitol Hill in Nashville! Matt's blog was up but not going when I first dropped in. I gotta say I really envy the clean design, too. He started posting up a storm the other day and has a whole lot of good stuff. Len and Peg, y'all might want to go take a look, as he's a baseball fan! Very high quality posts. He pointed me to the next two blogs.

2. Right Minded is Mark Rose, a columnist for a Middle Tennessee newspaper! You can likely guess his politics from his blog name. Lots of stuff, local and national, there. As you would hope from a professional writer, the quality is right up there. Welcome!

3. MooreThoughts is a Nashville attorney, but don't hold that against him. Nathan Moore's blog is "Conservatism, Freedom, Capitalism - A Continuing Celebration of Virtue." He's a self-styled "partisan Republican." Lots and lots on the usual variety of topics.

4. Mid-South Politics is the work of Joseph Keene. It's a new blog for local political party news -- if those parties are the Republicans and Libertarians! There's a big Michael Badnarik banner on top of the site, and he sells some Badnarik merchandise. It's early days, but the blog is well-designed and shows some real promise.

Well, those four will keep you reading for quite a while. It's nice to discover all these folks. Here's hoping for future cross-pollinations.

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