Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Monday's story about Roger Easson's possible plagiarism got picked up by a couple of bloggers (Bill Hobbs and Say Uncle. Thank you both.) and my daily traffic doubled! Tuesday was back down to normal, around 100 hits a day. Which is nice. It's not about the number of hits, but the trend. We're growing steadily here at Half-Bakered.

By the way, for the computer and 'Net types who read here, in looking at the referrer logs, I saw a whole lot of "unknown" listings. Are *all* of these spiders from search engines and blogroll aggregators? What else might they be? I sure get an awful lot. As much as a fifth of traffic on some days.

I also see an occasional "blocked referrer." What the heck is that? Secret, black-ops, Homeland Security types dropping in? Paranoid web surfers?

And hey, is it Spring or Summer right now? I can't tell.

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