Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Five Novels

I was looking around my Blogger profile, to make sure it was correct, and discovered that since I started this blog almost two years ago, I have published over 400,000 words! That's five good-sized novels. Damn.

If I'd written five novels in two years, I'd be a published author with an agent already lined up and a good contract paying me a fair amount of money. I'd be considered unusually prolific. I would have books lined up to go for several years. I could relax in writing my sixth book, or take a sabbatical.

Instead I do this blog. And don't make any money. And don't have a fraction of the "fame" I'd have as a novelist. And slog away day after day, up to six hours a day. And still don't make any money.

Damn, this is depressing....

On the other hand, I've written 400,000 words in two years, not even counting non-blog stuff! Damn.

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