Sunday, June 06, 2004

Memphis Redblogs

The blog for "red state voices from the Home of the Blues" is progressing nicely. We have five members and one pending, with maybe a few more still to join. Until the weekend drop-off, we had some nice dicussions happening in the comments. That's a good sign.

So won't you join? We're especially looking for folks who haven't blogged before but want to start. Thanks to Mick's hard work and the new Blogger's newbie-friendly design, it's very easy to do. All the programming stuff is taken care of, you only need to sign in, click a couple of times, write up your post, then click to publish. How much easier can it get?

If you've been hesitating, hovering, sitting on the fence, it's time to leap! Get in and get your feet wet. Put up, don't shut up.

If you need to blog anonymously -- for whatever reason -- we can look into that. Especially if you're a political insider or government employee who has information that wouldn't otherwise get to the public. Memphis Redblogs aims to be an alternate source of information, one that both supplements and counters the liberal, pro-government spin of the local media.

That only works if you join in. Contact me, or go to Memphis Redblogs and email Mick. Each man and woman is called to action at some point in their lives, to take a stand for country and for principle.

This is your call.

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