Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Weird Day

After all that work this morning updating the blog, working off insomnia, I caught a bit of Reagan's arrival in Washington, then got hit with a massive attack of tired. I laid down for a while and slept. Now I'm tired all over again. So, off to bed.

Gotta say that the State Funeral service was poorly handled by most of the nets today. Rather and Jennings couldn't seem to shut up, and the ABC crew couldn't seem to see events except through the glasses of politics. Brokaw was better, but not by much.

Only Fox had it right. Long stretches of coverage were done in silence, where you could hear horses' hooves and cell phones. When the guy hollered out, "We love you, Nancy" he could be heard clearly! That's the right way to do it.

Stevens' and Hastert's eulogies weren't especially notable, but I liked Cheney's. I'll hve to look up a transcript.

Well, off to bed and we'll see you tomorrow.

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