Monday, June 07, 2004

Two New Blogs

Came across two more interesting blogs today.

First up is Lost Remote, which covers the television industry along with government and technology issues. I'm just coming up to speed with it, but I'm enjoying it so far.

That blog pointed me to the American Press Institute's site, where I found an eye-opening article about ways to improve a newspaper website, but with some applications for bloggers, too.
# Post a form at the end of a breaking news story asking witnesses to send in details of what they saw – and then add the information you can verify to the story.
# Invite anyone in your community to write Weblogs for your news site.
# Take the best content from Weblogs on your news site (now that you’ve got so many) and publish them in your newspaper.
# Integrate headlines from your competition into your Web site
# Create deals with other newspapers in your state to share content at no cost. Then stop paying for The Associated Press and hire new newsroom staffers with the savings.
Plenty more.

Lastly, I learned tonight that a former Star Trek fanfiction writer I admired, who is going pro as a mystery writer, has a blog. James R. Winter has a friendly, conversational style. Good to know he's having some real success with paid writing. He deserves it.

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