Thursday, September 15, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different

Jamey asks: If you were travelling across the country and could only take 5 cds with you, which ones would you choose? Live albums okay, no greatest hits.

Here was my list:

Tyranny & Mutation - Blue Oyster Cult (or maybe Secret Treaties)
Never Mind the Bollocks -- Sex Pistols
The Hoople - Mott the Hoople (or maybe the album that preceded it, Mott)
Happy Days - Catherine Wheel
Mothership Connection - Parliament/Funkadelic

If you ask me tomorrow, I might have a different five, as I like a lot of music. What's your list? (Don't forget to post at Jamey's, too.)

FRIDAY LUNCHTIME UPDATE: Sure enough, today my list would look like this:

Country Life -- Roxy Music
On Returning -- Wire (Technically not a "best of" but a compilation)
Rhino Records CD -- Mission of Burma (Also not a "best of" as it collects every song they recorded in their first incarnation: The first single, the EP, the second single and their only studio album with some other stuff.)
Secret Treaties -- Blue Oyster Cult
Brave Words -- The Chills

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