Thursday, September 15, 2005

OK Then Once Again

The same emailer who alerted me to Randy Neal's (aka South Knox Bubba) new photo blog (Rviews) also alerts me that Neal is now back to regular blogging. Did I not tell you? Yes, I did.

What seems clear in retrospect is that what Neal did was not so much a reaction to Conley's evil machinations, but a sloughing off of the whole edifice of responsibility he'd built up as South Knox Bubba. I mean the whole network of expectations of SKB to maintain the flag of Left Liberal Democratic Tennessee in the Face of Evil Corporate Republicanism. It was a terrible thing to carry and he obviously crumbled at last. (I don't say that accusingly. Regular readers here know I frequently crumble under the featherweight of H-B.)

Now, he's free to blog without all the other stuff. He's kinda like a sun that shrugs off the excess heavy gasses in a nova to leave a smaller, cooler sun behind. I'm sure he's a much happier, more relaxed person now.

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