Monday, September 12, 2005

Wait A Minute!

A New York Times article about the "hit" President Bush's image with blacks is taking contains this passage:
A poll released last week by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center bore out that reaction as well as a deep racial divide: Two-thirds of African-Americans said the government's response to the crisis would have been faster if most of the victims had been white, while 77 percent of whites disagreed.
Wait a minute! In this country 90% of blacks vote Democrat and it is Democrats who are vociferously leading the charge against the Bush administration for how the response to Hurrican Katrina has gone. It's all over the news, day in and day out. So, one-third of black Americans still don't think Bush is racist!

Wow. But that's not the story for the Times is it? The Democrats still think they've got an issue with this. Keep on pushin', guys, keep on pushin'....

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