Thursday, September 29, 2005

Marsha Blackburn, Blogger?

OK, not quite, but Representative Blackburn has a post up at about the Operation Offset project from Congressional Republicans, including herself. Offset seeks to get cuts in pork, wasteful, and mismanaged spending to help offset the huge expenditures going to Hurricanes Katrina/Rita relief. It also seeks to get Republicans back on the path of fiscal responsibility.

Good comments on the post, too, including what appears to be one from occasional H-B commenter von! Another points out that OO has the potential to become the next-generation Contract With America, the abandoned blueprint that powered the 1994 Republican revolution.

And then, in a follow-up post, Representative Blackburn responds to comments on her original post!

Blackburn's star may not burn as brightly as some, but it's good to know she's in the firmament.

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