Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita Redux

Even as she was bearing down on us yesterday, after failing to stay put in Texas and Louisiana and dump rain on them as forecasters were saying, now comes the possibility that Rita may return.

Watching it's path, movement and short-term projected path, it was clear to me on Saturday that Rita was curling back around towards the Gulf. There's a cold front coming into the area (and another behind it) that seems to have the oomph to steer it back southeastwards. If that happens it might push Rita back into the Gulf of Mexico.

If that happens (big train of ifs here) then Rita could restrengthen from a depression or storm into another hurricane. As the post shows, it's happened before. And then it will take aim at another part of the western Gulf shores.

Wow. And the peak of the hurricane season is only now underway. It runs all the way through the end of this month. Hurricane season as a whole runs two more months, to the end of November.

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