Friday, October 21, 2005

Calvin Williams Whines

It's often said it's only in extremity that we learn the true nature of a person. What do we learn of Calvin Williams (see post just below) after his arraignment on Thursday? He's a whiner.

According to this story, Williams said:
Williams, 43, also implored the news media to "retreat to the nearest corner of decency," and leave him and his family alone.
Remember, this is the guy who got his mug all over the local news last summer, many times, happily plugging his sordid, sex-drugs-perks book on Shelby County's political leaders. He had no problem airing others' dirty laundry, but now wants to be left alone. He was once a wheeler-dealer for Shelby County politics who got busted and still kept a County job, meaning he's accumulating pension points.

Whiner is the polite word. Some of my neighbors have a better word, but I shouldn't use it here. Let's just say it rhymes with something.

As usual, the story has some odd, fun bits:
Federal public defender Steve Shankman, who represents Williams with attorney Doris Randle-Holt, said his client will plead not guilty next week and that he intends to take the case to trial.

He wouldn't say why he was appointed as Williams's attorney in August, two months before the indictment. Typically, defendants who want an attorney at taxpayers' expense must have an indigency hearing at their first court appearance.
Maybe it had something to do with this:
Williams and Wilbun were to face trial in that case in May, but prosecutors stopped short, just before the trial was to begin.

Those charges are expected to be dismissed next month.
I'm guessing the CA wants you to think that.

And don't forget that he's claiming he's indigent while holding down a job paying more than 90% of Memphis makes. Oooh, poor poor pitiful Calvin.


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