Sunday, October 16, 2005

Damn, Just Missed It

Son of a... well, insert dirty word there. I was really looking forward to rolling over the ol' hit counter to 100,000, but the computer meltdown assured I'd miss it. I can't honor whoever it was either, as I was hoping to do. Dang.

Thanks to all the good folks who have come by here over the past three years. I'm flattered and honored you all think enough of this vanity project to deem it worth your time. As soon as the mess gets straightened up, I'll try to get back to work.

And this in the week that the local alt-weekly's editor says he reads this blog regularly! Sorry Bruce. Any time your paper mention Half-Bakered I always get about a dozen hits (your readership and my politics don't intersect too well), and I'd love to address some of them while they're here. Ah well....

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