Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Miami Connection

Ever since the Tennessee Waltz sting story broke there has been a part of the story that is scarcely mentioned yet maddeningly intriguing for me: the Miami connection. The FBI, operating as E-Cycle, routinely took Tennessee officials to Miami for luxury relaxation.

Then there was Michael Hooks Jr's trips to Miami during the same time. He has said that he was trying to promote his budding film acting career by attending film festivals. No film he's in plays in those festivals, so far as anyone knows. Now, Hooks Jr has resigned from his school board seat, ahead of allegations of his being named in the continuing Tennessee Waltz indictments.

And now there's this , from a Commercial Appeal story:
Jones said during the dinner he attended, Love tried to get him to attend an E-Cycle event in Miami. Love said the company was going to have a conference, according to Jones, and would take lawmakers on a yacht and provide lodging in condos before an NBA game.
No one has yet explained this Miami link, even though I have speculated on possible Ford family connections, given Harold Ford Sr's residency nearby and Harold Jr's continued trips to visit Daddy there. I am driven by the nagging sense that there's still more buried in here that's not come to light.

Or maybe it will never come to light, given the power of some involved?

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