Thursday, October 20, 2005

Nearly There

Well, it turns out that the new power supply was fine after all. So, this AM I got it installed, hit the button and [cue Microsoft chimes] TA-DAA! We have computer.

I want to take the opportunity to do some more work inside (re-install a CD-RW drive) while I have it open and am working there already, so I'm not completely back yet. Nearly there. I'm at least back on the Net, reading mail and surfing.

To everyone who donated to Mr. Mike's New Power Supply Fund, I'm very humbled by y'all's generosity. It's more than enough now. I'm going to use the excess to pay for my domain registration for a couple of years. That's where I host the pics I sometimes post here. I will be emailing personal thanks to everyone, but I wanted to post something here as well.

I'm also going to clean up and rearrange all the computer components on the rack shelf I use (the monitor is under the printer where the nice, toasty warmth attracts bugs). So, you'll likely see some posts leak out over the next couple of days, but I'll be really back come Sunday, Monday or so.

Thank you all for your patience and help. Ask Mark, as he was there; I got a bit verklempt when I logged into PayPal and saw what y'all donated.

Man is it hard to be skeptical when so many nice people are around.

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