Monday, October 10, 2005

Ford "Unglued"

I'm not sure why it took him so long to post on this, but Democratic blogger Polar Donkey passes along this story of a very bad appearance by Ford before a sympathetic audience -- fellow Democrats!

The money quote:
From the descriptions of what happened at the coffee, Ford seems to be buckling under the pressure.
During the coffee, Ford took questions from the attendees. They asked very pointed questions about the bankruptcy bill, Schiavo, his failure to vote on the budget rather than miss the coon dinner, and other issues. Apparently during the questioning, something snapped in Ford’s head. Maybe he realized that these were democratic activists who, no matter what he would do, will not support him and he doesn’t have a chance of winning without them. Ford became agitated by the questions, snapping at the audience and dismissing their views. He raised his voice several times. Afterwards, attendees described Ford as coming “unglued.” To add insult to injury, Rosiland Kurita appeared at coffee hosted by Democracy for Nashville three weeks later. She was smooth as could be and did well.
It's interesting this didn't make the wider news (that I know of), but what do you expect from the state's press? They just love Harold Ford Jr.

A lesson for Republicans here, too. Ford has an uphill battle going, where he's not at all likely to win, but he's still in there fighting. On the other hand, Republicans, who have a real shot at the governorship, against a damaged and reeling Democrat, can't even find someone to run against him. Ford, for all his other faults, and they are many, is at least in there trying. That's more than you can say about the Republicans.

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