Sunday, October 09, 2005

Temple of Freaks

Please excuse me for ridiculing this idea:
Paragraph and the Writers Junction are part of a growing number of members-only centers springing up in writerly metropolises like New York, Boston and Los Angeles. For $100 a month, on average, members secure the right to a desk, a lamp and a power strip in a shared space where they can ply their trade day and night.

Ms. Parisi compares writers' rooms to gyms. In both, a large group of people share the same equipment. And, paying for membership helps writers take their commitment to writing seriously, she said, and gets them "off of the couch" and onto the literary StairMaster.
So, they are comparing writers -- especially screenwriters -- to image-obsessed soccer moms, horny singles looking for dating material, body narcissists and the folks who devote themselves to sculpting massive monuments to a freakish ideal that is shared only by a narrow group of like-minded types?

I'm sure writers everywhere are revolted by the idea. But why?

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