Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quote of the Day

Guess who said this:
The people call upon me to save the country. I must save it, and I cannot respect anything that is in the way. I receive letter after letter, have conversation after conversation, calling on me to save the nation, alluding to the presidency, dictatorship, etc.

As I hope one day to be united with you forever in heaven, I have no such aspirations. I would cheerfully take the dictatorship and agree to lay down my life when the country is saved. I am not spoiled by my unexpected new position.

I feel sure that God will give me the strength and wisdom to preserve this great nation; but I tell you, who share all my thoughts that I have no selfish feeling in this matter. I feel that God has placed a great work in my hands. I have not sought it. I know how weak I am, but I know that I mean to do right, and I believe that God will help me and give me the wisdom I do not possess.

Pray for me, that I may be able to accomplish my task, the greatest, perhaps, that any poor weak mortal ever had to do.
Ahhhh, it's a trick question. No, not President Bush. I doubt most of you know who General George B. McClellan was. Follow the link.

What's spooky is that this is precisely what President Lincoln, McClellan's Commander in Chief, ended up doing. He became a near-dictator in his drive to preserve the Union (Those of you who think "Bushitler" and Amerikkka should read what this Divine American Hero did in his presidency.), and then his life was taken after the War was over.

No doubt a lot of that God talk bothered a few of you, too. What a religious nut he sounds like, eh?

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